The Association

The Association was founded in Mel (Borgo Valbelluna) on March 6, 2017 by a small group of winemakers and enthusiasts who decided to come together to exchange their experiences regarding grape resistant vines.

The association is constantly growing and already includes members from all the Venetian provinces. Nowadays, Veneto is the Italian region with the largest surface area planted with grape resistant vines.


The association aims to promote the exchange of information between producers of Piwi grapes and wines to grow together and bring consumers closer to the Piwi world.


Piwi comes from the German word pilzwiderstandfähig which means “fungus resistant vines.”
These vines are therefore resistant to fungal diseases. This means that the Piwi vines allow reducing the use of pesticides in the vineyard.

The Piwi varieties come from the crossing of a European vine with an American or Asian vine, resistant to fungal diseases.
These varieties allow us to produce quality wines with organoleptic characteristics different from traditional grape varieties.
With the Piwi vines, there is more natural viticulture, careful respect for the environment and biodiversity.