PIWI varieties require a very limited number of phytosanitary treatments as they are naturally resistant or tolerant to fungal diseases.

This clearly benefits the environment compared to all the other vines given the reduced use of pesticides, fungicides and copper.
Indirectly, there are other sustainable factors that benefit from this, such as saving resources for the production of plant protection agents,
The reduction of the environmental impact since there is no need to use the agricultural machine, which would produce more CO2 and use water during treatments,
The soil is not compacted, therefore there is a better flora, and moreover, there is an increase in the fauna due to the lower presence of agricultural machinery in the PIWI vineyards.

All this has a beneficial impact aimed at reducing the so-called Climate Change, which is affecting the whole planet.

We, winemakers, believe in sustainable viticulture and PIWI is the result.